Inglorious fruits

Did you know that 2014 is the European year against food waste? I had no idea until recently, which leads me to suspect the UK hasn’t been doing much of the national awareness raising it’s supposed to as part of the EU resolution that was adopted. The European Parliament is hoping to halve the amount of food waste its member states produce by 2025, across the food supply chain, with an emphasis on getting more food to the 79 million Europeans who live below the bread line. You can read more about the legislation here.

France – as ever when it comes to anything food related – looks like it’s a bit ahead of the UK with supporting the year against food waste. One of their major supermarket chains, Intermarche, has devised this brilliant campaign to change consumers’ perception of  ‘inglorious’ or ‘ugly’ fruit and vegetables. I love this video they made to explain the project.

Apparently Intermarche are now rolling out the scheme across all their supermarkets, which is great news for producers and consumers. Apart from their very clever marketing of the ‘ugly’ produce, the fact that they also used the fruit to make smoothies and the vegetables for soup, and then sold these in-store, must have helped to get the message across that the appearance of carrot or apple isn’t related to how it tastes. It’s great to see a supermarket making a genuine effort to tackle food waste at last.


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