Solutions to food waste

Food waste. A huge problem that’s thankfully starting to give rise to many creative solutions. Two of my favourites come in the form of organisations who focus on using up surplus fruit and vegetables. What they do is similar and I think part of their appeal is that their ideas are actually pretty simple.

The first company is Rubies in the Rubble, who turn excess fruit and veg from London markets into chutneys and jams. Their business is loosely based around the following concepts:

Make use of what you have. Care about your resources. Embrace oddity.

I just love that part about embracing oddity. I like to think they’re not only referring to misshapen produce! I’ve watched the Rubies in the Rubble video half a dozen times now and I still feel a surge of positivity when I get to the end of it.

Newer on the scene than Rubies in the Rubble are Snact, who caught my eye while I was trying to find out about crowd funding the other day. Snact make snacts! Snacts are pieces of fruit jerky (er, strips of dried fruit, in case you weren’t sure), made out of surplus produce. You can see what snacts look like in this video:

It’s shocking that in the UK tonnes of food is thrown away before it even makes it anywhere near a supermarket. While Rubies in the Rubble and Snact are both trying to address the inadequacies of our food system, they must only be scratching the surface of the mountains of perfectly edible food that gets sent to landfill. But organisations like these should undoubtedly be celebrated. The publicity they attract alone will raise awareness of the massive flaws in the way we currently eat, which I believe is the start of tackling any major issue like food waste. As Van Gogh said,

Great things are done by a series of smaller things brought together

so who knows what jams and jerky might one day achieve?


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