Perks of the job

One of the perks of volunteering at a food bank is that there’s no shortage of edible freebies. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve given a home to two boxes of Dorset cereal, a packet of soup mix, some delicious tomatoes and three eggs. I was restrained on Monday and didn’t take home a family sized bag of crisps (I rarely eat crisps, but for the record, these taste amazing!), although several other volunteers swiped some. About a month ago, I also ended up with some bread, simply because the homeless guy who sits around the corner from the church – who I’d been intending to give it to – refused to take it as he already had a loaf!

The deal is essentially this: any food that’s out of date at Southampton City Mission is up for grabs. But not before the clients themselves have had a chance to grab it. Food that has a short expiry date or has very recently expired gets put onto a table for clients to help themselves. This week we had loads of the aforementioned crisps and some cranberry drinks, for example. We also leave out slightly more unusual food donations; things like giant bottles of sauerkraut (seriously!), tinned lychees, golden syrup and creamed coconut, along with bread that’s taken too much of a battering and fresh herbs.

Food on the ‘help yourself’ table inevitably gets whisked away by clients by the end of the day, which is great. The crisps were a big hit this week. One young lad came up to me with an Oliver Twist sort of expression on his face and asked if he could maybe have a second bag as they were his favourites. Even though the food we distribute is obviously free anyway, there’s something nice about the idea of clients getting an extra freebie.


2 thoughts on “Perks of the job

  1. Hallo Barbara,schön Dich “kennen zu lernen” beziehungsweise, von Dir zu lesen. Ja, der Judasbaum ist quasi identifiziert, nachdem ich mir in der Firma dann nochmal die Blätter angesehen hatte. Also haben Zuleikha (7) und ich gut recherchiert. Danke trotzdem.Bin schon sehr gespannt auf Eure Bial,r.LGeWolfgdng


  2. I love Mila for Dior! Very happy for her the way her career has gone – and btw Charlize looked amazing too! Thank you for sharing 🙂


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