Community clothes swap

This post is a slight deviation from my usual food themed blogging, but not completely unrelated. Like food, clothes can needlessly end up in landfill. The Leeds Community Clothes Swap helps prevent this by giving people the opportunity to come together and exchange their unwanted items of clothing for different ones. This video explains how the monthly clothes swapping event works.

As I found out in a Guardian article today, visitors to the clothes swap can also

donate spare credits into a pot for charities supporting vulnerable people such as a woman’s refuge or a centre for refugees

which is exactly like the idea behind suspended coffee.

A significant number of people who come to Southampton City Mission’s food bank are also given a voucher for our clothing bank, which operates in a different location. I had a long chat with a very sweet lady this week who said she was going there to look for a coat and shoes suitable for Winter, before it got too cold. She mentioned she’d recently taken some blouses that didn’t fit her anymore to a charity shop; a local clothes swap could potentially be a lifeline for people who can’t afford new clothes on their income.

There must already be many clothes swaps taking place in the UK, (including this one, at the university where I work) and I’m sure they will continue to grow in popularity with people from all walks of life. It’s one of those no brainer, win-win ideas that I love!


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