Feeding the 5000 comes to the US

I loved reading this account of the first Feeding the 5000 event in America. It’s great to know so many people are passionate about trying to do something about food waste.

The Zero-Waste Chef

This past Saturday, I participated in Feeding the 5000, a campaign that exposes food waste by feeding thousands of people a free, delicious meal prepared with food that would otherwise go to waste. Feeding the 5000 began in Europe in 2009, but Saturday marked its debut in America.

4000 lbs 4,000 pounds of sweet potatoes too large to sell

The event’s name invokes the story of Jesus feeding 5,000 people with a mere five loaves and two fishes. We had quite a bit more to work with than that. After I arrived at St. Vincent de Paul in Oakland on Friday morning to chop vegetables for Saturday’s event, we volunteers started in on the 4,000* pounds of sweet potatoes pictured above.

big potatoes Big potatoes

Why would these delicious, perfectly edible sweet potatoes have headed to landfill had they not gone into soup? They weretoo large to sell. Grocery stores refuse to take them.

In the US, we waste 40%…

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  1. Your post is a timely coirinbutton to the debate


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