How the internet has changed the way we eat

Like me, if you saw a video with the title above, you’d probably expect it to discuss online grocery shopping. Actually, this video introduces two American companies, Blue Apron and The League of Kitchens, who have used the internet to develop businesses that tap into the growing number of people who are interested in food and cooking.

I think the concept behind The League of Kitchens is fabulous, because of the opportunity you to get learn first hand about the food culture of another country in an informal setting, which is very different to going to a regular cookery class. I’m not sure if anyone is doing anything similar in the UK as well, but if not, somebody should!

My immediate thought about Blue Apron was that cooking in this way – with the ingredients already carefully measured out for you – must help prevent food waste. However, I’m curious to know what type of packaging the company uses for their food. Companies like Abel & Cole, for example, who deliver veg boxes in the UK, try to avoid plastic packaging and reuse/recycle their cardboard boxes and punnets.

Are there any American readers who’ve heard of or tried Blue Apron or The League of Kitchens? Do you think getting all the ingredients you need to cook a meal delivered to your home is lazy, or a good way of encouraging people to cook from scratch?


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