A jolly good idea

Socks. One of those traditional stocking fillers so unimaginative and uncool you can’t justifiably buy them for anyone, ever. Well, you can now! Socks have been given a funky, ethical makeover by a company called Jollie Goods. Check out these beauties and the four other equally colourful designs on their website.


I love practical gifts and I’ve recently become a convert to socks that don’t feature the colours black or grey, so I’m putting the pink, blue and yellow ‘Joker’ pair on my Christmas list. Mind you, I wouldn’t normally dream of owning socks that cost £15. But these are no ordinary socks. For every pair bought, another is donated to somebody who is homeless, through a local partner charity, such as Southampton based Society of St James. Founder Ed Vickers explained in this interview how the best part of running the company is

explaining to the homeless folks that the people of their own town had bothered to buy socks for them. Considering that many people look through them and walk past them everyday; to be told that there are people who do care is something special.

So if you’re looking for a great Christmas present this year, I reckon you’ll be onto a winner with some Jollie Good socks. I’m excited about getting getting my hands (er, feet!) on a pair!


7 thoughts on “A jolly good idea

  1. Thanks for introducing me to this company!


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