What am I going to eat?!

It’s been interesting checking Twitter this evening to see what other people doing the Breadline Challenge have spent their £14.70 food budget on. It took me ages to play around with the numbers, but finally this is what I have to eat for the week ahead:

Food Price  Quantity
porridge £0.75 1kg
instant noodles £1.00 4 packets
brown rice £1.49 1kg
pitta bread £0.50 6
Scotch broth mix £0.45 125g
apples £0.36 3 apples
sweetcorn (frozen) £0.99 1kg
carrots £0.57 1kg
potatoes £0.69 1kg
chick peas £0.40 1 tin
tinned tomatoes £0.62 2 tins
peppers £0.99 3
cauliflower £0.77 1
onion £0.10 1
mushrooms £0.69 150g
baked beans £0.24 1 tin
milk £0.49 1 pint
natural yogurt £0.45 500g
eggs £0.89 6
tuna £0.62 1 tin
vegetable oil £0.75 250ml
stock cubes £0.40 12
tea bags £0.39 80 bags

I’ve worked on the assumption that I’m buying everything from scratch, including store cupboard items like stock cubes and oil, with the exception of salt and pepper. This is based on the sneaky theory that I could easily steal sachets of these for free from work, McDonalds, etc!

I will endeavour to blog every day this week (a challenge in itself!) to keep you updated on how I’m getting on…


One thought on “What am I going to eat?!

  1. £14.70 is such a low amount. I did a weekly shop for £30 and I thought I had done well. How have you got on with it?


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