The Breadline Challenge: day 2

Thank goodness for that 5p baguette! It seems like a real treat (mainly because I rarely eat white bread) and was something to look forward to this evening when I got back from work. I deliberately worked from my office today, rather than at home as I usually would, so that all temptation to snack on food I need for later on in the week was removed! It did make me reflect though, that living on a low income must be even more difficult (from a psychological point of view) if you’re also unemployed. What I mean is that you have to face long periods at home, possibly without heating, with nothing to take your mind off the fact you’re hungry.

Here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast: Porridge (which, by the way, really doesn’t taste that great when made mainly with water rather than milk!)

Lunch: Leftover vegetable curry & rice from yesterday’s dinner

Dinner: Carrot & chilli soup (carrots, a few small potatoes, a quarter of an onion, a clove of garlic & a stock cube) and 3 slices of baguette. There’s plenty left over for tomorrow’s lunch, woohoo!

Snacks: The remaining half of yesterday’s apple & a cup of tea

I guess the silver lining of living on a small food budget is that meal times take on new levels of excitement; dinner has begun to seem like a major event in the day. But I’m well aware that some people can’t even afford to have three meals a day or don’t eat so their children can. It’s pretty heart wrenching, and one of the reasons why national organisations like FoodCycle (as well as local ones) that provide hot, nutritious meals for free are so utterly vital.


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