FoodCycle stand up for sustainability: ‘No good food is wasted’

A nice roundup of what FoodCycle and this week’s Breadline Challenge are all about…

Finders Eaters

Ever wondered what happens to all the surplus food from the crammed aisles of Tesco and Waitrose?

FoodCycle has one of the answers. Every week each local hub visits local stores, including Planet Organic – rescuing fruit and veg otherwise destined for the rubbish bins, and transforms them in their ‘spare kitchen laboratories’ into nutritious three-course meals for guests at risk of food poverty and visitors at their store branches. As a community-focused charity FoodCycle has run volunteer projects all across the UK since it began in 2009. Since the group of savvy savers started cooking they have served 102,000 meals, making use of 119,000kg of reclaimed surplus food through their network of dedicated 1,200 volunteers:

So who are these volunteers, and what’s…

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