The Breadline Challenge: day 3

It’s been a day of highs and lows. The low was that I was conscious at several points this evening that I was feeling impatient and easily annoyed because I was hungry. Anyone who knows me well knows the consequences of me being hungry; luckily, there was nobody around for me to get grumpy with!

I’ve also very quickly got fed up of constantly having to monitor how much food I’m eating and to consider in minute detail what to eat. Under normal circumstances, I’d have chucked an egg into my chilli bean pie (see below) without even thinking about it. But today I had to stop and question if I’d need it for anything else later on in the week.

On the good side, I did enjoy making (and eating!) my chilli bean pie tonight. I’ve come to realise, through trying to reduce my food waste, that I’m the kind of cook who prefers to be creative and cobble something together from bits and pieces, rather than following complicated recipes to the letter. So it was nice to adapt the chilli bean recipe, and as I was on a roll, I also made some hummus which will be a welcome addition to tomorrow’s lunch.


This is what I ate today:

Breakfast: 4 slices baguette & a cup of tea. (Not the most nutritious of breakfasts, I know, but I couldn’t face porridge this morning!)

Lunch: Carrot & chilli soup (from yesterday’s dinner) & pitta bread… And there’s still some soup left for tomorrow!

Dinner: Chilli bean pie. This was adapted from a recipe I often make. It’s basically a mixture of vegetables and beans topped with potato slices and grated cheese. I made mine with half a tin of baked beans, half a red pepper, a few tablespoons of sweetcorn, two mushrooms, quarter of an onion, half a stock cube and a chilli. I put mashed potato on top, as my SmartPrice potatoes are too small for slices, and added a beaten egg into the mixture (mmm, protein!) before baking in the oven.

Snacks: None. A slice of cake wouldn’t have gone amiss though!


2 thoughts on “The Breadline Challenge: day 3

  1. Love the look of the chilli bean pie… I made bean chilli with cheese, but wish I had thought to buy potatoes!


    • Thank you – it’s dead easy (my kind of recipe!) and tastes pretty good. I’ll do you a deal – some of my potatoes for a bit of your cheese?!! Can’t believe I’ve made it 5 days without cheese. Unheard of for me!


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