The Breadline Challenge: day 4

Am I the only one doing the Breadline Challenge who lies in bed thinking about food? This morning when I woke up I was trying to figure out how to make porridge made from water taste better, and regretting not putting raisins or bananas on my shopping list. The bananas were a particular oversight, given how filling they are. What was I thinking getting three apples?! Apples though… I was sure I’d read something somewhere about grating apples into porridge. I wasn’t convinced it would work, but it did and it was absolutely delicious. I intend to continue adding apple to my porridge long after this week is over!


Here’s what was on the menu today:

Breakfast: Porridge with a quarter of a grated apple

Lunch: The last remaining bit of my carrot soup, with hummus (most of a tin of chick peas, a couple of tablespoons of yogurt and a drizzle of oil) & 2 pitta breads. I really enjoyed today’s lunch and have plenty of hummus left.

Dinner: Leftover chilli bean pie from yesterday

Snacks: Instant noodles

I’m becoming increasingly conscious of how carbohydrate heavy my diet has been this week; I’ve had bread, noodles and potatoes today alone. In defence of carbs, they are filling, versatile and cheap, all of which are important when eating on a low budget. My usual hearty bowls of salad with things like rocket, watercress, avocado, plum tomatoes and tofu in them seem ridiculously extravagant right now…


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