The Breadline Challenge: day 6

Today went much better than Friday, thanks to the fact that I was volunteering at the Trussell Trust, helping to put together Christmas boxes (more about that in another post), so the time absolutely whizzed by. In fact, I didn’t even get round to eating my lunch until about 5.30! Although I’m fairly sure that was partly because I had a couple of tea and biscuit breaks in between packing boxes for 5 hours which kept me going. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say biscuit and tea breaks, as the tea was just an excuse to eat free digestives! (And my word, did they taste good!).

I’ve had a discussion with several people over the course of this week about whether eating food that’s given to you is ‘cheating’ and I don’t see why it should be. If I was genuinely living on a low food budget all the time, rather than just doing the Breadline Challenge for this week, why would I refuse food simply because I hadn’t bought it myself?

My very uninspiring array of food for day 6 was:

Breakfast: Porridge with grated apple

Lunch: What I’m calling, er, ‘rice salad’: rice, a diced carrot, sweetcorn, a mushroom and a 2 tbs of baked beans. Sounds a bit odd, but tasted fine and filled me up.

Dinner: Instant noodles… A nutritionally atrocious meal, I know. After all those biscuits and a very late lunch, it was all I needed.


Tomorrow is my mum’s birthday and as we’re taking her out for lunch, I’ve decided to do my final day of the challenge on Monday instead. I feel uncomfortable knowing that one main course in a restaurant in London is going to cost approximately what I’ve had to spend on food for the whole of this week, but in a way, it’s not a bad thing for me to feel like that. It just serves to highlight how incredibly lucky I am that I can afford to eat out with friends and family, usually without a second thought.


3 thoughts on “The Breadline Challenge: day 6

  1. It’s really difficult living on a small food budget, but I do it so I can afford to take my toddler out for lunch every week to break up the routine. My mission is to reduce the food waste which means preparing smaller meals. Good on you for doing the challenge!


    • Thanks so much for your comment. Hope you’re making progress with cutting down wasted bread & saving money in the process. Lovely that you take your son out to eat once a week 🙂


  2. Hey, that post leaves me feeling foilhso. Kudos to you!


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