A thank you from Crisis Christmas


Dear Zahra

Well that’s that.

Sadly our doors have closed on Crisis Christmas 2014 and we wanted to share some initial facts and figures with you to sum up the magnitude of just what has been achieved this Christmas:

• Around 3,620 guests came to our 10 centres across London
• More than 10,000 people donated their time amounting to approximately 30,000 volunteering shifts
• Over 30,000 meals served across the week
• There were 656 healthcare consultations

Teams of advisors helped with everything from housing to immigration issues. Four dental units and dozens of dentists worked flat out every day. Foot care and eye care teams sorted out guests’ feet and issued free prescription glasses. There was art being created, creative writing being done, films being watched in our 10 cinemas, bands and performers being enjoyed and karaoke being endured.

Football enthusiasts were being coached by Premier League professionals and almost every centre participated in the annual 5-a-side football tournament at the City of London Academy with West London Day Centre narrowly beating Outreach Rough Sleepers Centre in the final.

There were art gallery and theatre visits, hundreds of guests had their hair cut and hundreds more enjoyed a massage. Hundreds of Skype sessions took place with many guests managing to get back in touch with their families. Others relaxed in our cafes and libraries, played chess and board games and many more just sat and chatted.

Across London, a fleet of over 100 vehicles ferried warehouse supplies and guests to and from the centres.

And we also had 104 Crisis Skylight members working as ambassadors helping out with all of the tasks mentioned and, more importantly, promoting the great work that Crisis does year round at our Skylight centres.

However, none of that would have been possible without YOU supporting us wholeheartedly day and night throughout duration of the event. You turned up and made a difference, delivered on a variety of tasks and activities and made our guests feel special.

I will leave it up to one of our guests to sum up…

Just a few words
To say thank you.

You have given me a house
For just a few days
For that my friends
I hold my hands up in praise

Once again, thank you. Have a great New Year and we hope to see you again at Crisis at Christmas 2015!

All the best,

The Crisis at Christmas team


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