Greenhouse herbs

Earlier this week I treated myself to an IKEA indoor greenhouse. I’ve had my eye on one for a while:


Mine doesn’t look as glamorous as this one; it’s sitting in what I think will be a good spot by my kitchen window, but doesn’t have anything in it yet. I’m going to plant some chilli seeds next weekend, and perhaps some herbs. I keep reading about how it’s a clever idea to have a pot of fresh herbs growing outside your back door, so you can easily pick them when you’re cooking. Sounds good in theory, but the area outside my back door gets very little light. I did have a container of chives last Summer, in the main part of my garden, but kept forgetting they were there and so didn’t end up eating them very often! Actually, the real reason I got chives is because they have beautiful flowers, as you can see in this photo I took at Houghton Lodge in 2013:


I’m hoping my greenhouse herbs and chillies will eventually do well, as I then I can try out some of the great ideas for using up leftover herbs I read here. I especially fancy trying herb oil and herb butter. I currently freeze my herbs in small containers, but I might give the ice cube tray idea (number 3 on the list) a go, so I no longer have to chisel off pieces from a big frozen chunk!


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