Introducing the GO Box

Polystyrene food containers, along with their partners in crime – disposable, plastic cutlery – are a pet, food related hate of mine, so I was pleased to find out a start up called GO Box have come up with a more sustainable solution. It essentially works like this:


I was interested to read here that

The biggest potential impact might come from the food saved inside the containers—not the containers themselves. How much half-eaten Thai food goes straight in the trash? It’s possible that knowing a container has to be returned might be just enough motivation for more people to remember their leftovers.

I’m not sure if this idea will take off, but it’s nice to know people are trying to make what is currently a horribly wasteful practice more environmentally sound.


One thought on “Introducing the GO Box

  1. Looks very interesting indeed, thanks for sharing! I would love to see how it works in practice x,


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