Could this heart reduce domestic food waste?

As today is my favourite day of the year *clears throat sarcastically*, here’s a Valentine’s Day themed post with a food waste slant! This week I read about a company called The Green Hearts, which has come up with the simple device below to help extend the life of fruit and vegetables, potentially reducing food waste. 3041571-inline-i-1-this-simple-gadget-could-help-your-fruit-last-three-times-longer So how can a plastic heart help reduce food waste?! Well, the heart – designed to sit inside your fridge – is filled with potassium crystals, which absorb the gas that causes fresh produce to spoil, making it last as much as three times longer. Simples! While I welcome any initiative that reduces food waste, and can see the green heart being taken up by the American market, I’m not sure how necessary it really is. I have a virtually waste free fridge, because I take time to plan my meals, don’t overbuy fruit and veg, and shop little and often. Personally, I think changing how people view food waste (ie. as unacceptable and, er, wasteful!) is a better long term solution to the current problem than the quick fix of simply making produce stay fresher for longer.


2 thoughts on “Could this heart reduce domestic food waste?

  1. Looks very interesting, funny how manufacturers are creating littlE plastic things to cut down waste. How ironic! agree there are longer term solutions but I guess they might help people not so green minded to think more about food waste?


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