Southampton’s Sustainability Festival: part 1

Tomorrow Southampton Hub are running their annual Sustainability Festival at the University of Southampton. Many local and national organisations are involved in the day-long festival, including the Environment Centre, Labour Behind the Label and the super cool Repair Café (I keep meaning to pay them a visit!). The aim of the festival is to give students, in particular, a better idea of how they can make a difference to a host of issues related to sustainable living. It should be a fascinating day of interactive talks/workshops, and it will be nice to have a chance to speak to likeminded people in the local community.


Most excitingly, though, is that I’ll be helping out with Curb Kitchen’s first pop up, which is catering the event. New to Southampton, Curb is part of The Real Junk Food Project (TRJFP) and is a street stall that turns surplus food into meals offered to people on a pay as you feel basis. As part of TRJFP, Curb will be helping to rescue some of the city’s food waste from being sent to landfill.

trjfp yellow 1

A group of volunteers will be serving lunch and snacks to around 100 people at tomorrow’s event – entirely from surplus, of course! I’ll be blogging about how the festival went (and how our food was received!) over the weekend and am looking forward to helping to spread the ‘feed bellies not bins’ message!


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