Baby chillies

Way back in January when it was cold, wet and dark, I optimistically treated myself to an indoor green house, with the intention of planting some herbs and chilli seeds. Well, it’s taken a while, but I finally have some baby chilli plants – yay!


I originally planted two lots of seeds; one lot from a packet my aunt had kindly given my dad (who eats chilli with everything, including cheese sandwiches), and the other from Mexican restaurant Wahaca. If you’ve ever been to Wahaca, you’ll probably know they give you cute free chilli seeds that look like this:


Sadly, my Wahaca seeds never germinated, but they’d been lying in my kitchen drawer (the really messy one – full of keys, string and the instructions for the blender – that everyone has in their kitchen) for years, so I wasn’t too surprised. It’s been fun to watch the other chillies grow from tiny green stems to something that’s starting to resemble a plant, and I’m excited about being able to pick my very own red chillies, though I have no idea how long I’ll have to wait for that!

While I haven’t got round to planting any herbs yet, the chive plant I bought last Summer (mainly because I like their spikey, purple flowers) has miraculously come back to life after completely (so I thought) dying over Winter. It’s now bigger and stronger than ever, and this year it’s started to grow flowers. I have a fair crop of chives, so I’m going to make some parmesan and chive butter soon, which has got to be delicious smothered on corn on the cob. I’ll let you know how it tastes 😉


4 thoughts on “Baby chillies

  1. How cool is that, great idea.😀 Following your blog now too,glad I clicked through.


    • Thank you very much! I haven’t grown chillies before so I have no idea how big they will get or how long before I actually have chillies to eat, but it’s quite exciting checking on them to see if anything is happening! 😀


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