Environmental Rock Festival 2015

Curb had a busy bank holiday weekend popping up at two events, including Southampton’s annual Environmental Rock festival – which was quite frankly great, as we got to listen to cool music throughout the afternoon! My personal favourite was Ukelele Jam, who are well known locally, and looked like they were really enjoying their set.


On Curb’s menu was dhal with pilau rice and chutneys, bite sized kati rolls (filled with mushroom, or coconut and coriander) and peach cake and banana muffins. All our food had been wolfed down by the end of the day, with some people even coming back for seconds – always a good sign!


We also had a food boutique, including a basket of our ubiquitous spaghetti – famous because we have so much of it we’ve been taking it everywhere we go to distribute it!


Environmental Rock was well organised, had a nice atmosphere and it was fabulous being able to chat to lots of friendly volunteers and curious members of the public about Curb, the Real Junk Food Project and all things food waste. The level of interest people shown in Curb over the past few months has been very encouraging, with ‘So where exactly does your food come from?’ being the question we’re asked most frequently! I had an enjoyable day meeting new people and getting the food waste word out there.

Details of upcoming Curb pop ups in the city can be found here and more photos from the festival are here.


2 thoughts on “Environmental Rock Festival 2015

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