Let’s follow in the footsteps of France…

The Real Junk Food Project

Let’s pass a law that REALLY legislates. Sign for supermarkets to give all surplus food to charities.

Step 1 – Sign this petition to make some noise about food waste and show that you care. If you’re sceptical, note that I am too.. but now is the time to engage in online activism, as France has just passed legislation on this issue and put it out there on European public, political agenda. Collectively, our voice will be heard.

Step 2 – Understand that this is just step 1. No way should non-profits be undertaking absolutely enormous work in response to the mistakes of large corporations, and no way should food ‘waste’ be solely associated with receivers of charity. We need RADICAL change throughout the entire food chain and a shift in worldwide attitudes to what’s on our plate.


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