Happy birthday to me!

It’s been just over a year since I started volunteering at my local food bank, and blogging about my experiences (as well as quite a few other things!). Thinking back on my year at Southampton City Mission, what stands out is how many lovely people I’ve met – both clients and volunteers. Talking to people while they wait to get their food parcels is one of my favourite parts of volunteering. I’ve had such interesting conversations with local people I’d never have otherwise come into contact with. I’ve also had some moving encounters with clients who have absolutely nothing and have been unfortunate victims of circumstance. These conversations have reminded me why I started volunteering at a food bank in the first place and, a year on, have made me realise that I’d like to be able to do something more than just offer a listening ear, so at the moment I’m finding out about other organisations I could volunteer with in Southampton, in the hope I’ll be able to make a bigger difference and to develop new skills.

In the past twelve months, I’ve also really enjoyed connecting with folks through blogging and Twitter who share my ‘love food, hate waste’ philosophy. But I’ve enjoyed discovering more generally how big the zero waste community is, plus how many people out there – like myself – are trying to declutter their lives by being more minimalistic. Something that’s had a big impact on me since I started my blog is Project 333; I own about 50% less clothes than I used to thanks to Courtney Carver’s website, and as I’ve never been remotely into clothes, shoes, handbags or fashion anyway, I now have a pretty small wardrobe!

Who knows what exciting things might be in store in my next blogging year?! I hope I continue to enjoy writing as much as I have this year! 🙂


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